Skip the high pressure webinars, tacky outreach scripts and complex funnels …

Use AI Manufactured Starter Kits to Effortlessly add 15-20 BUYER leads to your list EVERY WEEK

The “Products to profits” framework helps our clients establish instant authority, skyrocket their profit margins and attract new clients on autopilot


I have found that the number ONE problem my clients face while building a HIGHLY PROFITABLE one person business was…


►While they were brilliant at what they did and also had tonnes of testimonials vouching for the service, they just couldn’t figure out how to fill their sales pipeline with QUALIFIED LEADS.

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₹47 - backed by our no questions asked 30 days guarantee

Here’s what’s Happening …

I put together a no-fluff program sharing my “Product to Profit” blueprint. 

My Clients use this to effortlessly convert 3-4 premium clients every week while building instant authority & skyrocketing their profit margins all while working just 4 days a week.

Without having to conduct high pressure webinars, negotiate on high ticket sales calls and deal with constantly nagging clients.

Unlike webinars or high ticket funnels, this 5 Day method can be used to consistently ascend clients to your premium programs ON AUTO PILOT!

It works because instead of constantly selling on webinars, struggling with low conversion rates or dealing with No SHOWS sales calls…

…you’ll create a CASH COW that generates recurring cash flow.

By doing this, you’ll rapidly bypass the need to sell under pressure and chase new funnels …. 

…that keeps us stuck in frustration and self doubt.

The result?

My Clients bypass these quick fix tactics, and take back control!

Overwhelm turns to excitement…

Doubt turns to Empowerment…

Anxiety becomes Freedom.

Let me show you exactly how it works…

Here’s How It Works…


Build one digital product using AI to Effortlessly add 15-20 BUYER leads to your list in Under 7 days …

...THEN skyrocket your profits by ascending your customers into your premium programs

Step 1

Build an irresistible front end product using AI

Follow my 3 step process that will open the BUYER flood gates for you

Step 2

Launch your CASH COW program

With a solid recurring program generate consistent cash flow in the business.

Step 3

Ascend your Customer

Using our 3 step email sequence convert your buyers into premium customers

►Get PTP + $7500 In Bonuses Today!

₹47 - backed by our no questions asked 30 days guarantee

Who Am I To Help You

Hi,  Karan Rayadurg here and for the past 5 years, I have worked with over a 1000 coaches, consultants and course creators to help them earn their first 6 figure income online

When I started out I struggled to make a living based on what I learnt…

And no this is not another “sob story” to “success story” …

When I started out the one thing that worked for me was that I was surrounded by some of the best marketers in India and the world

Yet something was missing for me…

the process they created might have worked for some but it always felt like a force fit for most people

Overtime I developed the skill of helping people identify their niche and target audience…

Which left me with only problem to solve, how to fill the lead pipeline effortlessly

That’s when I discovered the products to profits framework which solved this exact problem.
Today I work with online educators to help them acquire ready to BUY clients and skyrocket their profits.

So if you know you are brilliant at what you do, have already got killer testimonials and want to grow your online education business

Let Me Break Down Exactly What You’re Getting…

Module 1

15-20 Buyers in your list using AI

I’ll also be breaking down the best digital product based on the most popular Niches across health, wealth and relationships

Get an in depth understanding of the New way to sell and how you can leverage AI to design your winning digital product

Module 2

Structuring your Funnel & mapping your customer journey

Most coaches fail to do this first! Knowing the exact steps that your customer will take is founded in science. I’ll break down the exact components that you need to generate leads on AUTO-PILOT

Module 3

Creating a CASH COW product

There is only one thing that clients come to you for. Results. The better your results, the better your testimonials.

More testimonials means only ONE thing, more money. We’ll design your Cash Cow Together

Module 4

Ascending your Buyers

Most of the marketers in the market will push you towards High Ticket sales.

Instead of going with a hit or miss strategy, I break down exactly how you can find customers who will become your life long patrons

Module 5

The Secret to achieving the 4 Day work week

Working 4 days a week is not a dream.

It’s based on how you structure your business around your winning product. And no you don’t have to outsource everything. That just means more work for you to coordinate.

In this module we will craft your business plan together so that your 4 day work week becomes a reality!

►Get PTP + $7500 In Bonuses Today!

₹47 - backed by our no questions asked 30 days guarantee

But Wait, There’s More!

Bonus #1

Highly Converting Email Templates

Value - ₹2500/-

Bonus #2

Proven Ad Templates

Value - ₹2500/-

Bonus #3

Copywriting Templates

Value - ₹2500/-

Bonus #4

Funnel Lauch Checklist

Value - ₹2500/-

►Get PTP + $7500 In Bonuses Today!

₹47 - backed by our no questions asked 30 days guarantee

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Total Value = 20,489/-


or Even MORE! But Today You Get Everything At Just A Low One-Time Payment!



₹47 - backed by our no questions asked 30 days guarantee

Offer Ends In

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We're confident that you will be thrilled with our product. But just in case, we offer a full 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied during this time, you can return the product for a full refund. You risk absolutely nothing, and the potential gain is big. Try it out – we believe you’ll love it

If You’ve Got Questions

What tech skills do I need to do this?

If you know the answer to “3 X 6”, you can put the pieces together. Inside the program, I walk you through step-by-step as I build out a funnel in REAL TIME so you can see exactly what it looks like. 

I’ve purchased “X” before, how is this different?

Not sure. All I do know is we’ve had numerous people tell us that Sell While You Sleep is better than courses they’ve “paid thousands for”. There’s a lifetime guarantee as well so you have nothing to lose.

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